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Help Your Kenpo Karate With Functional Strength Training?


Now you can!

Does strength help your Kenpo Karate? Absolutely!

Do you have to be The Incredible Hulk, bulging muscles and a beach body? Absolutely not!

Kenpo Karate is about movement and if you are too stiff and sore from doing repetitive muscle building movements your kenpo will never reach its full potential.

Kenpo is about using you’re body the most efficient way, so we should choose functional exercises as well as exercises that challenge the body based on the movements used in Kenpo.

If competing you also need endurance, the ability to not run out of steam under pressure, couple this with strength, flexibility, mobility, and a solid knowledge of basics and you have an excellent base for competition preparation.

We want to get maximum power and efficiency for Kenpo Karate.

We should be thinking about exercises in four different ways.

Side to side movement – Slipping, bobbing and weaving
Front to back movement – Attack and defence
Rotational movements – Directional harmony
Up and down movements – Getting to your feet.

Training can be thought of as a prescription to help your mind and body become stronger, you can help your body get stronger by doing the correct exercises to help your Kenpo Karate.

About the Author

Levon is the Head Instructor at Auckland Kenpo Karate

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Berni Lawley - 12/13/2019 Reply

Hi, I’m in the process of transitioning and joining the 5.0 family, and I read your article and was wondering if you could tell me what exercises would benefit my kenpo training. Thank you Sir for any advice you can offer.
Yours in 5.0

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