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Discipline, Self Defence and Confidence Through Kung Fu For The Whole Family

If you are looking for a Traditional Martial Art for Modern Times then Kung Fu Southside has the skills, passion and desire to help you


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Kung Fu means excellence through repetition. It’s more than a hobby or an extracurricular activity; it is a way of life. The ethics and principles of traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu are weaved into your personal and professional life. It becomes who you are.

We teach because we love it and we want to help you live a long and healthy life through Kung Fu. In other words, a life filled with excellence!

You will flourish and thrive in our family orientated school that has a great warm and welcoming atmosphere. In our purpose built academy, everybody works together to help each other grow, while growing themselves.

Can you effectively defend yourself and your family against a random act of violence?

The world can be a dangerous place and there is much in the media about carjackings, home invasions, one-punch attacks and more. How would you react if you or your family member became the victim of an attack? The way you react is determined by your natural instinct and training. If you haven’t been trained at all, then you’re at risk.

Don’t be a victim. Become fitter, stronger and a more confident you, all while learning the skills you’ll need to avoid, de-escalate, escape or defend quickly.Our holistic approach to training your mind, body and soul will help you:

  • Learn a reality based step-by-step system designed to enable a smaller person to overcome a larger adversary using effective hand techniques
  • Discover how to use your natural flinch response to protect yourself and attack if necessary
  • Utilise your opponents inertia and energy to your advantage, no matter what their height, weight, gender or whether your are up against single or multiple attackers
  • Understand the traditional Wing Chun principles and learn how to apply them to everyday situations
  • Incorporate the use of everyday items as a makeshift self-defence weapon tool

Get Fitter and Stronger Mentally and Physically, Face Challenges Head On and Attack Life with Vigour and Passion

If you have ever taken a hit to your body or your confidence and self-belief, we at Kung Fu Southside will teach you how to take the knocks and come back fighting. The key to resilience is learning to get back up, dust yourself off and try again (without making the same mistake twice)

  • Learn new techniques and challenge your mind and body
  • Persevere and thrive as your self-confidence and self-belief grows
  • Gain a newfound respect for yourself, for others and for the art
  • Become the person you have always wanted to be but never thought you could be

No Matter What Your Age, Level or Ability, We Have A Class To Suit You

You’re never too young or too old to learn Kung Fu. Many Kung Fu masters are still actively training well into their 90’s and no matter what your age or fitness level, our classes are perfectly tailored to meet your requirements.

Your training centre includes a fully matted area complete with wooden dummies and conditioning stations as well as professional equipment to help you get the most out of each and every session.

Choose from two classes per night, 4 nights a week and Saturday morning.

Classes are split into Absolute Beginner, Kids and Adult classes, each one incorporating fun warm-ups, high intensity pad-work and fitness drills and repetition to ensure the skills you learn are committed to memory. This will ensure your skill level grows and you are confident in yourself knowing you can do all you can to avoid or defend yourself in any given situation.

There are 10 levels all the way through to instructor level and training beyond that to become a master level yourself…so the sky’s the limit.

Absolute Beginner Classes

We know that it may be a bit daunting to take that first step and that’s why we offer a series of lessons designed to go through a series of basic skills to help get you started on your martial arts journey.

Each class is tailored to brand new students and everyone is in the same boat. Meet new people and form friendships that will last a lifetime. Learn basic step-by-step techniques and gain in fitness and strength. Work through all 10 lessons before moving on to the Adult Classes with confidence

Kids Classes

Your 5 - 7 year olds will have so much fun in our specially crafted Kung Fu Dragons program or our Wing Chun Tigers program for 8-14 year olds. Kids have fun, get fit and build camaraderie with others. They will become a part of the Kung Fu community and are given a level of responsibility that sets them up for life.

Each class includes:

  • A warm up to get their minds and bodies ready
  • Simple yet effective child-centric self defence drills
  • Character building “mat chats” that includes certain themes
  • Fun cool down session
  • Team games
  • Opportunity to help others
  • Teaching of life skills such as focus, discipline and respect for oneself and others

All classes are professionally supervised by fully certified instructors

Adult Kung Fu Classes

Our aim with these classes is to teach you simple yet effective techniques to help you:

Increase your stamina and strength without lasting long-term damage to your body. Gain confidence and self belief as you grow into becoming the best version of yourself. Build awareness and techniques to keep you and your family safe. Become part of an extended family of like-minded people

Kungfu Southside

Want to Be Taught By a Direct Student of Bruce Lee's Best Friend,
William Cheung?

William Cheung himself was taught by the legendary Yip Man and introduced Bruce Lee to Wing Chun. He has grown up learning and passing on the traditions of this ancient art to the entire world.

Having come from a security background, Owner and lead instructor, Sifu Dave has also trained in Muay Thai and Western Boxing and is now a Provisional Master Level 3 certified by Grandmaster William Cheung.


Kamini Pillay

Great teacher and supportive fellow students make Kung Fu Southside a friendly and fun environment for learning.

Tim Bone

The school is testament to a great si fu as well as students who are genuinely good people. Highly recommend going and having a play.

Rena Petrides

My two boys started Kung Fu here last week and absolutely love it. Thank-you Sifu Dave, you are great with teaching kids 🙂

Unit 8/ 2 Central Court, Hillcrest QLD 4118, Australia
Phone: 0488020604

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